Easily digs holes for planting bulbs, bedding plants or vegetable sets.
Works best in prepared or cultivated soils.

Welcome to the home of the Magic Planter.

Once available through catalogs only, the Magic Planter is an awesome new auger device now available directly from the manufacturer AND at substantial savings. Simply attach the Magic Planter to almost any drill or drill-driver and you're set for Spring or Fall plantings. Made of 100% poly-carbonates, the Magic Planter is lightweight but tough. Don't use that old hand-spade and don't use a tool requiring you to stand-up then squat in order to complete the job.

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"Magic Planter,
I just planted 100 caladium bulbs in 40 minutes using my new Magic Planter.... and my wife used it to plant all her bedding & vegetable plants. She loves it & so do I!"
                                                    ~ Chris M.

"Dear Magic Planter,
For years I've spent hours upon hours planting my spring bulbs the old fashion way. The Magic Planter has changed my life. I can dig a hole for my bulbs in seconds. I've cut my planting time in half and I don't need to stand-up to dig and sit down to plant!"
                                                    ~ Margie L.

"Dear M.P.,
I've just planted 48 bedding plants in only 30 minutes! I can't believe how easy the Magic Planter is to use. I'm definitely hooked on this tool. I'm off to buy more bedding plants."
                                                    ~ Thanks,
                                                      Debbie M

"Dear Magic Planter,
I love this tool! It's so easy to use. Even at my age. I am 71 years old. No more hand-digging for me and no more sore hands & arms from digging holes. Again, thank you"
                                                    ~ Dorothy S

"Dear Magic Planter people ,
What a great tool. It didn't take long to plant my flowers. And, I didn't have to dig all those holes. Thanks a bunch [of flowers]."

                                                    ~ Brenda P

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