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"THE BOB" was developed "WITH STUDIES TO GET THE PERFECT ANGLE OF DEGREE" for stretching, strengthening and enhancing the leg and calf muscles, because most people do not like to exercise. You will be able to stretch your Achilles, tibialis and gastrocnemius muscles to places they have never been before. Working your ankles high and low with such ease.

You will feel like your not even exercising and the results are incredible in a very short time. The main reason this can happen is because your toes are straight, not bent. When doing calf-rises "THE BOB" will able you to use the full range of motion with an isokinetic exercise. The calf muscles work from top to bottom with "NO STRESS" or pain to the "KNEE" at all.

"THE BOB" is incredibly "EASY FOR ANY AGE." Finally a product that works to give you that definition to your legs and calf muscles using only your own body weight. Imagine working out while brushing your teeth. This makes "THE BOB" a natural and safe answer to your exercise program.

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